VESTALIA Classic Kitchens Collection. The kitchens are Made in Italy, with a wide choice of construction materials. Classic style custom-made kitchens, with a wide range of accessories and the best hardware. The VESTALIA production of classic kitchens can be carried out in both blockboard and plywood. VESTALIA does not use chipboard for kitchen structures. Production of exclusive customizable kitchens in materials, sizes and colors. Upon request, we can produce glossy lacquered kitchens, matt lacquered kitchens, solid wood kitchens, glass kitchens, stoneware kitchens. VESTALIA classic kitchens can be purchased online or in the studio, with the possibility of customization based on the needs and requirements of customers.
For customization and design of classic VESTALIA custom-made kitchens, call for advice or send an email to book an appointment in the studio. VESTALIA Classic Kitchens Selection Made in Italy.

VESTALIA is " The emotion of Wood "