Video VESTALIKitchens

Videos of custom VESTALIA kitchens made for our customers. All the kitchens have a blockboard and non-chipping wood structure. The videos present the various types of fitted kitchens with design and technical details and specific customer requests. In the videos you will notice our qualified staff carrying out the transport and assembly. The VESTALIA custom-made kitchens that we offer have the highest quality standards. Good vision.

VESTALIA is " The emotion of Wood "

Kitchen mod. Customized Janette with mobile island and led

Kitchen mod. Ilaria U-shaped with 2 corners and Throat

Kitchen mod. Francesca Glossy lacquered  with quartz top ang Throat

Kitchen mod. Jessica with Peninsula and Renovation

Kitchen mod. Sally with Stone SuperWhite Quartz

Kitchen mod. Janette with Neolith Top

Kitchen mod Jessica Glossy Lacquer with Renovation

Kitchen mod. Angular Jessica with Renovation

Kitchen with glossy doors and quartz top

Classic Kitchen in Decapè with quartz top

kitchen Corner with peninsula in blockboard

 VESTALIA kitchens Presentation Custom made wooden kitchens

VESTALIA Factory Production of kitchens, wardrobes and wooden furniture cabinets